MySpace spins only music

September 7, 2007

Dani Dudeck, MySpace’s VP of Communications

A reliable source told PRNewser that MySpace isn’t bothering with a big AoR (agency of record), eschewing tech and Web2.0 shops in favor of music specialist PressHere to work on the upcoming MySpace Music Tour, and to thump MySpace Records.

Good PR is about timing, and the internal PR team doesn’t need an AoR to handle the somewhat subsiding predator-scare news cycle. Why has it let up? According to PR at PCPandora, maker of child online safety software gave three reasons:

A) it’s summer
B) catch a predator heat
C) better equipped homes, parents and kids but not too equipped… we still want them to buy our software..

By the way, you can find MySpace’s VP of Communications Dani Dudeck (pictured above) here.


One Response to “MySpace spins only music”

  1. reeegan Says:

    I think it was very very smart to hire Chloe and her PressHere folks. They’re on the ground in the music space, know how to lend credibility to the projects they work, because damnit, you have to love music in order to stay in this business as the money just isn’t great (not that it’s always about money, but corporate pr folks would pack up and join the priesthood before living in NYC on that).More and more, record labels aren’t really ponying up any money for music PR agency’s (unless they have no in-house or you sell them your soul). So you see your Nasty Little Man’s and Press Here’s being hired directly by the artists…. it’s all about the artists now anyways… the consumer wants authenticity and these houses are great at conveying it and that correlates to their quality rosters.

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