Comments from Martha Stewart’s Facebook Page

September 12, 2007

(name removed); wrote
at 9:05pm on September 10th, 2007
Hi Martha, I thought of you whilst trimming my boxwood hedges in my yard today with the utmost perfection and precision – just the way you taught me! I think I’ll go have some foie gras now…

Yes, we’re sick of hearing about Facebook too. However, it seems that Martha – or possibly someone from her PR team – has launched a Facebook page.

AdAge reports: “All in all, the Facebook page is the less busy of the two [compared to her Myspace page]. Ms. Pearson [spokesperson] acknowledged this, calling it a “placeholder,” and promised a bigger social media initiative later in the fall.”

Personally, we agree with BusinessWeek’s Jon Fine on this one. A lot of people are trying to pitch (or at least cozy up too) their favorite journalist on Facebook. What’s your experience with this? Talk to us: prnewser at


3 Responses to “Comments from Martha Stewart’s Facebook Page”

  1. I just want to say that even bloggers have to be careful with their spelling. It’s BusinessWeek, not BussinessWeek. I’m not trying to be fussy here. It just seems like everyone is typing away (“keyboarding,” it’s called) and not caring about the way it looks. The language, sorry to say, loses.
    Now back to the programming…

  2. Joe Says:

    Nice catch, thanks Richard! PRNewser is a big fan of the Bad Pitch Blog, it’s good to see you here as well.

  3. […] already posted some entertaining comments from Martha Stewart’s Facebook page, and if you remember, one her […]

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