Does Your Client Deserve Business Press?

September 12, 2007


The Catching Flack blog has an excellent post on clients who demand business press, but may not deserve it. I’m sure we’ve all run into this at some point or another in our careers.

It is our job as PR people to a) find a way to get them into the biz press or b) in the case of some clients, explain why although attractive, business press may not “move the needle” as much as they think.

Many tech clients already realize this, and are now more happy with a great hit on TechCrunch than they would be with a hit in BusinessWeek. It’s all about their goals! What are you trying to accomplish with your PR program? The prestige of the business press is great – and definitely helps companies in many ways (especially start-ups). But PR people must balance expectations and show our clients how they can get into the business press, not waste time discussing why they think they should be in there.

How do you do this? The best way is to offer feedback from your contacts. Nothing works better than, “I was talking to so and so at the WSJ and they said…” Watch as your clients eyes light up. Another way is to send articles that show cool tactics others used to get press and offer up your own killer ideas. It’s simple, but something we don’t do enough. What do you think? Talk to us: prnewser at


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