Village Voice Publicity Director Leaves for Gawker

September 13, 2007

Maggie Shnayerson will go from receiving phone calls from Gawker editors to placing them herself. And, of course she is privy to our PR tricks. According to editor Choire Sicha:

I also liked that she has experience with how the business side of media things are run—and also a great ear for how PR spin is propagated.

To her credit, we imagine being the Voice’s publicist wasn’t exactly an easy job and a prime reason why Maggie left for Gawker after only 10 months there. A PR Week profile from this past March states, “For her part, Shnayerson seems to be taking the commotion in the press and blogosphere in stride. ‘I don’t consider any reporter the enemy,’ she says. ‘You’re doing something right if people are shooting at you.'”

We put a few calls in, but no word yet on who will be replacing her at the Voice. Any ideas? Send your tips to prnewser at


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