Wal-Mart, Business 2.0 and Living Better

September 13, 2007

(image via: magical urbanism)

In honor of their last issue this October, we give you Business 2.0‘s coverage of recent Wal-Mart pr and marketing mis-haps that made their “101 Dumbest Moments in Business” list. From hiring Edelman, to luring an Edelman exec inside, to Julie Roehm, (they’re still with Edelman) it’s certainly worth a look. And not to mention the company’s recent Facebook debacle, which took place after Business 2.0’s report. Forrester’s Jeremiah Owyang breaks that down here.

Profits were down about $150mm this quarter.

Ok, let’s not be all negative. BrandWeek reports today that they ditched the “Always low prices” motto after 19 years for “Save Money, Live Better.” MSNBC goes into more detail mentioning there was an “economic study” done by Global Insight and advertising by the Martin Agency.

The Boston Globe tells us about Wal-Mart and “The Battle of Vermont.” If the company is looking for markets to test out all of these new messages, we don’t suggest this one.


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