50 Cent Ditches PR Tour After Kanye Loss

September 17, 2007


Will he retire? That is the question everyone would like an answer to.  However, we do know that Fiddy today cancelled his UK and European promotional tour.  The folks at Aftermath Entertainment must be especially busy this week.  Planning the Kanye/Fiddy battle was a great PR move and definitely garnered a lot of hype, but now that the numbers are in, this will be a hard one to spin for Fiddy’s PR team.  What do you think?  Talk to us.  prnewser at mediabistro.com


16 Responses to “50 Cent Ditches PR Tour After Kanye Loss”

  1. Taki Says:

    Cry baby, cry, Stick a needle in your eye.
    Or better yet — another bullet in your head.

  2. Black Wolf Says:

    Why, who won the contest?

  3. mitch in az Says:

    Black Wolf is right: that was an unclear headline. Kanye won the contest. I’m really surprised that the fix wasn’t in to make this a tie or near-tie. Though – as in boxing – they may be setting up the rematch as we speak.

  4. grownANDsexy Says:

    I don’t know what 50 is doing. I personally thought it was a great idea to put the 2 against each other. I think if you know some of the history of Hip Hop, look at current culture trends, and so forth, 50 could be using this to his advantage instead of the other way around.

    My personal opinion is that Hip Hop is revolutionizing again (about time too… we had almost 15 years of gansta rap domination) and its heading back toward normal guys who rhyme and put on a show.

  5. bignoni Says:

    i don’t think people should compare fifty and kanye.
    fifty has a solid fan base with the hood in new york city – on bet he told fans should steal his music, downlead for for free. there’s a very good chance fifty has an audience as large as kanye. they are just not accounted for. i think kanye is going to have a huge single with “take my lead” – which has robin thicke on it.

    kanye’s album is the record of the year. no doubt about it. if he took out “barry bonds” and “drunk and hot girls” it would be a perfect record…….

    why taki would say fifty should put a bullet in his head – these are the type of fans we don’t need. taki, go listen to soft rock if you can’t feel 50. what an ignorant thing to say….

    fifty and kanye shine bright after a summer of horrible hip hop music.

    i would tell everyone to buy both records – they are both great!

  6. bignoni Says:

    why is my comment awaiting moderation?
    what on earth did i say that might be harmful?
    this is not right.

  7. Alex in NYC Says:

    Honestly, who could really give a great goddamn? Is this REALLY the best we can do? LET’S ALL RAISE OUR STANDARDS, SHALL WE?

    I’ll concede that Kanye has brought new things to the table from time to time, but really — “Drunk And Hot Girls” — have you people HEARD this tripe? THIS is what everyone’s spending their money on???

  8. kjnelly Says:

    kanye would never lose to me he’s song are spiritual hearted and you picking on 50 even though i don’t like him he’s still cool to me you jerks be ashame of yourslef from NeLLy

  9. ulic Says:

    Sorry, but he s*cks and Keane sound like a crying baby. I love that music but i hate those guys.

  10. rvoelkl7430 Says:

    they are not even competeing.
    at the vma’s
    they said that was a rumor

  11. hiphopwriter Says:

    I have to agree with ‘grownANDsexy’ here — or at least, one can only hope. In a feature I recently did** (http://teens.aol.com/entertainment/kanye-west-50-cent-pictures), while I know our audience was down with Curtis, I’m too enamored of the kind of talent that Kanye brings to the table to let him lose our unscientific celeb ‘battle.’

    Regardless of what 50 does with his PR campaign and future music, bringing talent like West, Timbaland and others to the forefront — while raising the bar on quality producing and entertaining — gives me optimism for what might be culturally in store, both for the biz & tastemakers, as well as for the fans.

    **obviously, I learned to be self-referential from hip-hop. Notice, however, firm adherence to use of the first person — vs. some rappers we know.

  12. KoKo Says:

    To bignoni,

    Correction: It’s 50 who has a song with Robin Thicke called “Follow My Lead”, not “Take My Lead”. And, Barry Bonds is a great record. Drink and Hot Girls is just Kanye’s comedic side, and in the past comedy has been an important element of all his records.

  13. epid3mix Says:

    the title was misleading and unclear…i am not fond of any of their songs but that battle was fun to follow. what is 50 next move…will he really retire? or was it just some kind of marketing strategy in order to get a albums selling like hot cakes?

  14. Rajan Sodhi Says:

    Shake your money maker. Well-designed hype to what would’ve been an otherwise fairly run-of-the-mill album launch. They are both laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. 99ijneb Says:

    both are a bunch of whinebabies, however, at least Kanye’s album has at least 2 ‘decent’ songs. Idiots!

  16. Jo Jo Says:

    Kanye is a whiney little bitch and 50 is nothing more than a thug.

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