Strumpette seeks a way out, again

September 18, 2007


I received the following note from Amanda Chapel, the anonymous character behind the popular and “totally naked journal of the PR business” on Facebook this afternoon:


We’re getting ready to make a major change at Strumpette. We think we’ve played this part and explored what needed to be explored. Now, it’s time to either take a bow or take it to the next level.

Simple enough? Not really. We don’t know exactly what that next level is. We do know however that it involves you. We could NOT have gone as far as we have without our many fans and supporters. WE KNOW our future is only a matter of how we might better entertain, serve, annoy, whatever.

With that in mind, we need your help. We need you to take ownership of this thing (I mean literally). If you’re interested, could you write me please?

I look forward to your thoughts.


– Amanda

Curiosity piqued, PRNewser quickly asked if the blog was seeking a buyer or early stage VC. “Any of the above and then some,” was the reply with Strumpette’s business manager Brian Connolley’s phone number.

Connolly maintains publicly that he is not Stumpette, just one of a few people who write for the site and support its cause in exposing hypocrisy in the business.

A phone interview with him didn’t reveal the exact intention of Chapel’s letter, but it sure was fun. Admitting only that “we’d like to give Strumpette to the industry. We’re looking for a buyer, or funding. Or maybe we’ll shut it down. Our main obstacle to growth is we’re becoming too dangerous”.

In just two years, Strumpette receives about 2 million hits a month and sits a very respectable 41st on AdAge’s Power 150 ranking of media and marketing blogs. The site announced its intention to be bought less coyly once before.

Maybe there’s money in it, or maybe it’s become too much work, or maybe Chapel’s letter is just a ruse to rile up the PR people on her buddy list. I’ll play along. I better hurry to the dry cleaners if I want to get my tux cleaned in time for the PR Douche-Bag Awards.


2 Responses to “Strumpette seeks a way out, again”

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