Two Years Later, Times Select is Finally Gone

September 18, 2007


Whew, that took a while! The New York Times announced today that it will no longer charge to view portions of it’s website. With more users than ever before coming from search engines, these “indirect readers” are not willing to pay for content. Hence, the paper realized the advertising model would produce more revenue than a subscription model ever could. Now the WSJ is the only major US paper to charge for online content, and that could all change soon with Rupert Murdoch at the helm.


2 Responses to “Two Years Later, Times Select is Finally Gone”

  1. mklasing Says:

    Thank God! Now I can read inaccurate stories that are clearly bent to the left while pretending to be honest news for free! whew! 🙂


  2. grownANDsexy Says:

    Finally. They must have checked their server records and stats and saw that they were getting millions of referals a week from sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon and the blogsphere… but nobody can get to the page.

    I’ve also noticed that if you come from a known RSS reader, you don’t have to sign in to read the article.

    Now everybody can read left leaning true stories.

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