PRNewser Chats With Video Vendors

September 19, 2007


How many times have you heard the now dreadful phrase “viral video” at a recent meeting or conference call? Everyone is scrambling to create the next web sensation – Mentos and Coke! – and grab the attention of the Youtube/Blogosphere/Facebook (Twitter?) mob for ten minutes or maybe a week. But besides viral (there, I said it) stunts, there are many ways PR and marketing people are using video as a) the media are asking for it and b) clients are asking for video and “Web 2.0” strategies more than ever.

PRNewser spoke with eight of the top PR video vendors, asking about online plans and what they’re hearing from clients. All of course also over a variety of broadcast services. Depending on your client and budget, you could be better off researching a local production company or freelancer. That’s not at all a knock on the companies we spoke with, although we’re sure they’d disagree. These are national and global firms that offer more complex services than “get me a guy with a camera!” There’s definitely some curious marketing speak in some of the responses though, so read carefully and enjoy!

PRNewser spoke with the following companies via email: D S Simon Productions (Disclosure: I used to work for them), DWJ Television, KEF Media Associates, Medialink, Multi-Vu, and News Broadcast Network (NBN). The Newsmarket and On the Scene Productions did not respond in time for this post, but I’ll include their responses if we receive them.

D S Simon Productions, Inc.
Offices: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago
Number of Employees: 20
Founded: 1986
2006 Revenue: N/A

Current clients:
Fortune 500 companies, large, mid-size and small PR firms, non-profit groups and associations

What is the #1 thing clients have asked for in the past 6 months?
Clients want to know how to effectively incorporate video into their internal and external communications programs, both online and offline.

What are you doing online?
As the world of online video continues to explode, we are on the cutting edge with the following:
* We launched the Industry-leading video blog,
* We created a new Internet video portal,
* We were named the exclusive video producer for PharmaVOICE Magazine’s webcast network
* We are creating iTunes and YouTube channels for client campaigns
* We are creating and syndicating podcasts, vodcasts and webisodes for internal and external communication

DWJ Television
Offices: Ridgewood, NJ & Tampa, FL
Number of Employees: 30
Founded: 1970
2006 Revenue: Over $6 million

Current clients: DWJ works with large and small companies, PR agencies, non-profits and the government. Current clients include Merck, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Quest Diagnostics, Heinz, ExxonMobil, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Prentice Hall, Fleishman-Hillard, Hill and Knowlton, Weber Shandwick, Administration on Aging, Alliance to Save Energy, Komen for the Cure and BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

What is the #1 thing clients have asked for in the past 6 months?
Produce longform videos on DVD and for Web sites; Shoot & edit in HD; Produce and promote podcasts; Produce and book SMTs; Produce and book co-op SMTs/ground tours.

What are you doing online?
Video and Audio Podcasts, Webcasts, Video Web Sites (with broadcast-quality video downloads), Multimedia News Releases, Website Pitching, Streaming Video, Virtual Edit Sessions.

KEF Media Associates, Inc
Offices: Atlanta, Orlando, New York
Number of Employees: 30
Founded: 1986
2006 Revenue: 100% growth since 2004

Current clients: All major agencies

What is the #1 thing clients have asked for in the past 6 months?
Honest counsel in the face of challenging media environment.

What are you doing online?
Media outreach, sales, marketing, video and audio distribution.

Medialink Worldwide Incorporated
Offices: New York headquarters; Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC
Number of Employees: 126
Founded: 1986
2006 revenue: $31.7 million

Current clients:
Medialink works with a broad range of corporations and organizations, including General Motors, General Mills, UNICEF, and Unilever. We recently announced a multi-year agreement with the American Lung Association to provide Mediaseed™ services, which is a portfolio of digital media offerings that include their own branded digital content management platform for video and other rich imagery.

What is the #1 thing that clients have asked for in the past 6 months?
Medialink has been partnering with clients to produce video and audio campaigns that combine broadcast and Web outreach to address the many ways that today’s audiences want to engage with brands, issues and news.

What are you doing online?
To complement our award-winning production and distribution efforts, Medialink recently launched Mediaseed™, our Web 2.0 content management platform that enables clients to produce, share, distribute and track rich media campaigns. currently reaches 19,000 registered journalists and Web publishers.

MultiVu, a PRNewswire Company
Offices: New York
Number of Employees: 40
Founded: 2002
2006 Revenue: N/A

Current clients: PR Agencies, Public Companies, Non-Profits , Govt Agencies, Pharmaceuticals

What is the #1 thing clients have asked for in the past 6 months?
Counsel on online distribution options and alternative solutions to reach consumers beyond traditional broadcast techniques.

What are you doing online?
Distribution of video content to social media sites, Interactive Multimedia News Releases distributed via wire and online portals.

News Broadcast Network, Inc. (AKA: NBN)
Offices: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston.
Number of Employees: 60
Founded: 1968
2006 Revenue: $10-$15 million

Current clients: NBN has clients in following sectors: Healthcare, Online, Technology, Home Improvement, Healthcare, Sports, Publishing, Non-profit, Entertainment and Beauty/Fashion.

What is the #1 thing clients have asked for in the past 6 months?
It’s a toss-up between New Media and Electronic Media Events or “EMEs.” EMEs are diversified programs with multiple “theaters” of outreach such as TV and radio broadcast interviews, Web casts, Newsbreak syndication and one or more New Media elements-all in one program.

What are you doing online?
NBN is building a complete New Media division and a full-featured content sharing site called, which we will be launching next month.


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