Man bites Croc(s)

September 20, 2007

crocs-on-flickr-photo-sharing.jpgThe media continues to flog the Crocs shoe company this week. The stock (NASDAQ: CROX) dumped 3% today with reports coming in from around the world about children getting their Crocs –and toes–chewed up by escalators. The Fort Lauderdale airport is considering posting warnings.

The news cycle is a perfect example of Man Rabidly Biting Dog. We’ll be watching to see how the company or it’s new agency of record Linhart deal with it. PRNewser’s emails to both have not been returned yet.

The company sold 20 million pairs this year, and until now has benefited by being the shoe that people love to hate, and hate to love. The only misstep we’ve seen is the handling of a cease and desist order to the owner/writer of (now

Repetitive messages like this work and are hard to reel back. The escalator reports have been popping up since last Fall but hit like a wallop with hundreds of news hits in the last two weeks, reaching the front page of Digg, topping the most emailed list on, and finally hitting boxed multimedia package on the front page of Yahoo! yesterday. Nice prediction Collateral Damage blog!

And if you haven’t seen it, check out the howler of a story on the Daily Show about the Larry Craig scandal and the secret world of men’s room hookups and coded toe taps. According to Rob Courdry, “Crocs means anything goes. If they are wearing Crocs, they are soliciting incredibly depraved gay sex.” Now that’s a placement.


2 Responses to “Man bites Croc(s)”

  1. Yeah, but I was a month off. It really seemed like more of a media silly season story. I forgot that silly season is now year round.

  2. […] that very little can be done by a PR pro to soften it except wait to the blaze goes out. Unlike the problem with Crocs, it’s an expected problem for TASER Inc. The product is supposed to be dangerous.  Social […]

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