BP / Conoco Phillips Try This Whole “Green PR” Thing

September 21, 2007


NJ.com reports that the two oil giants are taking their campaign on the road, hosting “Conversation on Energy” events and funding research via a $15 million donation to Princeton University’s Environmental Institute. The research is for a project looking at ways to capture carbon and store it underground. Awesome. That’s the best they could come up with? $15 million bucks to find a way to bury carbon?

More, including thoughts from Conoco’s director of corporate communications, after the jump.

Bill Tanner, director of corporate communications for ConocoPhillips said to the Times of Trenton, “The oil and gas industry has lost touch with the public.” (Really?!)

Opinion polls ranked (oil and gas corporations) dead last in industry credibility, even below tobacco. That’s hard for the 38,000 employees of ConocoPhillips to accept.” We’re sure it’s hard for your employees to accept, but what about your customers who have to accept paying increased gas prices while your company makes billions of dollars in profit?

Ok, so at least they’re doing something, but they could be doing so much more, leading the energy revolution (and profiting off it) as opposed to trying to stop it. Thankfully, they don’t make it too hard to see through the spin.

“This kind of thing is a big distraction,” said Matt Elliot, spokesman for Environment New Jersey. “They should be taking strong action to curb their emissions. At this point, you don’t need to tour the country to know what’s good for the environment.”

Keep trying guys.


2 Responses to “BP / Conoco Phillips Try This Whole “Green PR” Thing”

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