Media Audit: Former Staff of Business 2.0

September 21, 2007

We already highlighted Business 2.0‘s coverage of Wal-Mart PR mis-haps, and now PRNewser takes a closer look at where the staff is headed and why the magazine shut down.

Time Inc. entertained offers from Mansueto Ventures (publisher of Fast Company), Michael Arrington tried to merge Business 2.0 and TechCrunch, but Time favored folding the magazine to bolster Fortune instead. Nevertheless, Arrington yesterday was able to snag editor-at-large Erick Schonfeld and open up a New York office for him.

Fortune offered jobs to Josh Quittner, Business 2.0‘s editor and 10 other employees, including Phil Elmer-Dewitt, Paul Sloan and Michael Copeland. The remaining 18 employees all lost their jobs, although Time Inc. said it would do its best to find them a spot somewhere within the company.

Quittner said that a collapse in key advertising revenue, mainly from automakers forced the magazine to shut down. reports that Time Inc., “will create a new, as yet unidentified, executive position that will oversee all print and digital ad revenue matters at its finance publications network.” will remain the central web destination for both Money and Fortune, while it is likely some of the popular Business 2.o blogs, including Phil Elmer-Dewitt’s Apple 2.0 will make the move to the new site.

No word yet from our contacts on who else made the move to Fortune. If you have any tips, hook us up! prnewser at

Update: A commenter says the other B2.0 staffers moving to Fortune are:
Todd Woody, Jon Fortt, Michal Lev-Ram, Lindsay Blakely, Yi-Wyn Yen andChristine Sebastian. Thanks Phillipe!


One Response to “Media Audit: Former Staff of Business 2.0”

  1. philiped Says:

    Besides Quittner, Elmer-DeWitt, Sloan and Copeland, the B2.0 staffers moving to Fortune are:

    Todd Woody
    Jon Fortt
    Michal Lev-Ram
    Lindsay Blakely
    Yi-Wyn Yen
    Christine Sebastian
    –Philip Elmer-DeWitt

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