Martha Loves Wikis

September 24, 2007

We’ve already posted some entertaining comments from Martha Stewart’s Facebook page, and if you remember, one of her flacks said the page was a “placeholder” and promised a bigger social media initiative later in the fall. Well that initiative is here, as the former jail bird has announced plans to launch a “community-oriented website powered by wikis.” Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia President-CEO Susan Lyne recently told AdAge:

We have a pretty good sense of how big TV, magazines and merchandise can get. The big wild-card opportunity for us really is that internet world. We don’t know how far the upside goes.

Ugh. This reminds us so much of of when News Corp.’s President-COO Peter Chernin declared their now named “Hulu” internet video project with NBC, “the largest ad platform on Earth.” It’s great they’re all giddy thinking of the millions (or billions?) they can make on the net, but it’s a BIG turnoff for people to hear that kind of stuff. At least pretend you care about the community and not just the cash. This is possibly the biggest issue with major corporations buying and launching social media platforms. Are we being too harsh?


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