Pfizer’s Suicidal PR

September 25, 2007

Every day we hear of some new medical study/revelation that will make our lives better.  Eating choclate is good for your heart!  Eating chocolate is bad for your heart! One glass of wine a day! And my favorite, drinking Guiness really is good for you. Hmmm. What about this one?

Pfizer pays 30k to sponsor American Journal of Psychiatric Study. Study links drop in antidepressant prescriptions to rise in teen suicide rates.   Surely, those “black box warnings” the FDA mandated be on antidepressants have lowered the prescrition rates (doctors now reluctant to write them) and now kids are dying as a result!  If only it where that easy. Both the Boston Globe and Wired do an excellent job of debunking this junk science. From the Globe:

This isn’t the first time that suicide rates have been trotted out as a public relations weapon. Proponents of psychotropic drugs have long argued that suicide rates among adults and children fell after the SSRIs [antidpressants] were introduced in the United States. However, an examination of long-term trends in suicide rates indicate that suicides were declining here and in other countries well before SSRIs such as Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil were widely prescribed, says Julie Zito, associate professor of pharmacy and psychiatry at the University of Maryland.

Take that, Pfizer!


2 Responses to “Pfizer’s Suicidal PR”

  1. Steve Shannon Says:

    Great (and important) article, but please let me bleat: it’s “every day”–two words! (“Everyday” is an adjective.)

  2. Joe Says:

    Thanks Steve! I made the correction.

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