Verizon’s back-and-forth on pro-choice txt messages

September 27, 2007


In an interesting reversal of corporate policy, Verizon was forced to change its tune this morning on its decision to block a pro-choice text message campaign from NARAL.

Verizon–the only carrier to block the campaign–made the right PR move by quickly issuing a mia culpa, prompting NARAL’s victory release, which touted their ability to mobilize members to flood the company with 20,000 complaints.

Verizon’s PR problems and onslaught of competition from players like Google aside, this is an important communications story. NARAL and other orgs will be using txt and other methods to microtarget voters a lot more running up to the next election than in 2004. Joe Trippi predicted years ago that this would happen, “whole campaigns are won using text messages in South Korea”.

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