Ken Sunshine wins’s ‘Golden Boa’

September 29, 2007


In celebration of’s 10th anniversary, 10 people in media fields will be given the “Golden Boa” award. Ken Sunshine of Sunshine & Sachs will receive the Boa in the PR category at a reception at Plumm in Manhattan this Thursday.

Sunshine is known for his stable of A-list lefty clients including Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Moore, Robert Greenwald, and Ben Affleck, and his outspoken attitude towards bloggers and the stalkerazzi.

Look for PRNewser’s Q&A with Sunshine on the main site on Monday.

The other nine Golden Boa winners are: Dean Baquet, NY Times (newspapers), Stephen Colbert (TV), Adam Davidson, NPR (radio), Jane Friedman, HarperCollins (books), Scott Goodson, Strawberry Frog (advertising), Tyler Hicks, New York Times (photography), Adam Moss, New York Magazine (magazines), and Craig Newmark, Craigslist (interactive).


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