Apple’s Latest PR Snafu

October 2, 2007

So we’ve already talked about recent Apple PR mis-haps, notably the great IPhone price debate of 2007 . Now it looks like they’re at it again – the company has “bricked” (read: trashed) all unlocked IPhones. ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports:

If I was working over at Apple’s PR department, I think I’d call in sick today. In fact, I think I’d fake something really serious like Ebola or bird flu and try to get the week off, because the brown stuff has hit the fan head on over the bricked iPhones and cleaning up this mess is going to be tricky.

AdAge’s Ken Wheaton disagrees:

This Apple fiasco is unlikely to catch on because in the average consumer’s mind — even the average Apple consumer — this seems like a small handful of people being punished for cracking open the phone and monkeying around with it. Like it or not — and I don’t like it — a number of people probably see it as a case of hackers getting what they deserve. So, no, this isn’t going to hurt Apple.

We happen to agree with Ken on this one, although it does seem Apple’s squeaky clean image has been tarnished a bit. What’s your take?


2 Responses to “Apple’s Latest PR Snafu”

  1. reeegan Says:

    I think both are right, to an extent. In the grand scheme of things, the general public/average Apple consumer will shrug this off or miss it completely. But it’s that fervent base, the heavy user, the same early adopters that were screwed by the price drop that feel screwed again. I would say these people are what put the iPhone on its pedestal and I don’t think Apple can afford to lose them or make them mad.

  2. jac9f Says:

    I don’t understand why the hyped intensity for using a product in a manner very different than it is designed, advertised and supported, and then blaming the manufacturer for your choice to do so.
    If you don’t like what it does or offers, don’t buy it.

    I think the tech community should get over itself

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