Techmeme vs. Technorati

October 3, 2007

Technorati, the one time blog search super power, has been fading lately. Add this as the latest front on the battlefield: Techmeme, the popular news “buzz tracker” yesterday launched, “A top 100 list of news sources — blogs and ‘mainstream’ media — based on the percentage of headline space each one has occupied on Techmeme over the last thirty days,” according to ZDNet.

Here’s something that surprised us:

Two of the top 100 sources for news are traditional wire services! BusinessWire, number 29, and PR Newswire, number 38, have been sourced more for news than ZDNet, PC World, Wired, Washington Post, Forbes, Bloomberg, and many others.

Brian Solis does a way better job than we ever could at breaking it all down here.


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