Mike Arrington Thinks Music Should Be Free

October 5, 2007

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We read TechCrunch daily, and value the site as a top news source. That being said, someone has been taking crazy pills lately.  Here is Mike Arrington’s take on why all music should be free:

Marginal production costs are zero: Like software, it doesn’t cost anything to produce another digital copy that is just as good as the original as soon as the first copy exists, and anyone can create those copies (meaning there is perfect competition and zero barriers to entry). Unless effective legal (copyright), technical (DRM) or other artificial impediments to production can be created, simple economic theory dictates that the price of music, like its marginal cost, must also fall to zero as more “competitors” (in this case, listeners who copy) enter the market…

Hmmm. So then where’s my free copy of Adobe Photoshop?


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