The PR McDonalds?

October 8, 2007

Starting up a business?  Looking to do some marketing work on the cheap? USA Today takes a look at the PR Store, a new chain popping up across the country:

The PR Store is a franchised chain of almost 40 stores across the country dedicated to being a one-stop-shop for all the marketing, advertising and branding any small business may need.

The name is a little bit misleading, as it’s not really PR services they offer, but more marketing.  Can I get one BusinessWeek hit? To go, please. 

Would you consider using the PR Store, or have you already? Let us know.


2 Responses to “The PR McDonalds?”

  1. PRPimp Says:

    Does a BizWeek hit come at super-sized rates? If so I’ll take a Demand Gen Program with a 2 side orders of Customer-Win Press Release.

  2. Bob Cotto Says:

    I’ve been looking at this franchise, and I’ve gotta tell you that I can’t seem to find anything wrong with it.
    They appear to be offering services that I as a small business owner really need but can’t afford from the traditional sources.
    This looks very good to me.

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