The Freelance Pitch

October 9, 2007

You’ve been following up with e-mails and occasional calls to a key editor, with no luck. The client is breathing down your neck. “I need to find a way into this publication,” you say to yourself, looking for a way to both get your client some press and hopefully provide something newsworthy and of interest.

Do you know any freelancers or contributors? These writers often get much less PR spam then the well known editors and are easier to get in touch with. PRNewser spoke briefly with freelance writer Dan Morrell, contributor to the New York Times, Boston magazine and Philadelphia magazine, among others.

Surprisingly, Dan gets “no PR love,” but is always open to receiving ideas from PR people.  We asked him a few questions.

How long have you been freelancing?
About four years, but less than one in Mass.

For which publications are you currently writing?
Boston magazine, various alumni mags (Harvard magazine, the Penn Stater, Wellesley), BostonNOW (upcoming), a few other places that I publish much less frequently (NYT, etc.).

How many pitches do you receive a day?
0 to 1. I get no PR love.

When was the last time your wrote a story which orignated from a PR pitch?
Parts of recent stories have emerged from releases, but nothing originated wholly from a pitch sent to me.

What would you like to receive from PR people?
Biotech, hi-tech, and business news. Better if the releases don’t just say that something is new, but give me some idea of why they think it matters. Just having something new isn’t a story most editors will dig.

Also, alumni mag profile pitches.

What would you NOT like to receive from PR people?
Anthrax. No, I don’t receive enough at this point to be upset by any of it.

Any words of wisdom?
Freelancers have needs, too.

Contact Dan: dan.morrell at gmail dot com


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