The PR Inferiority Complex

October 9, 2007

WebProNews posted coverage of the recent TurnPROn event, focusing on the ambitious – and popular conference theme – the future of public relations. Ok, so we’ve seen a gazillion conferences address this topic, however there is one point we completely agreed with.

Rohit Bhargava writes:

PR pros need to shun their inferiority complex. One of the common threads that manifested itself throughout the day was the inferiority complex that many PR professionals have in relation to other marketing pros (especially peers in advertising). Having worked on both sides, I know that the budgets can be mismatched, but that at the smart agencies, PR is starting to stake more ground. This is not about taking orders from clients, it is about more powerfully articulating where a client needs to go and becoming the partner that gets them there. I happen to think this is an obvious and natural place for PR to be … but PR pros need to shed their inferiority complex and take that leap.

Well said, Rohit. Clients don’t need cheerleaders, they need advisers. Which are you?


2 Responses to “The PR Inferiority Complex”

  1. strawberryDeet Says:

    The cure—>

    Take your hand, put it high in the air, reach behind your head and give yourself a nice pat on the back.


  2. Judy Says:

    Well said. I have to echo Rohit and Joe. I think I probably spend half of my time with my clients, advising them on marketing and PR strategy and absolutely “becoming the partner that gets them there”. That’s exactly what I do, and I have no inferiority complex about it!
    Thanks, Judy
    JS Media, Publicity & Development

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