When Robots a-Flack; ‘Millenia’ overcomes PR anxiety

October 10, 2007


International Robots Inc. (IRI) introduced ‘Millenia’ today with this release–a robot to handle those anxiety-provoking business skills like PR, marketing, and promotions.

Before you get too excited about having your own Awesom-O to make those odious cold calls, read what PRNewser found out in an email interview with Rodney Brooks, head of MIT’s Computer Science and A.I. Lab and co-founder of iRobot maker of the Roomba, has to say:

“Note that the robot is really a remote presence device (where a person remotely provides the voice, and visual and auditory cortex). Their release says “IRI employs and trains human operators”. It’s people controlling the robot, not the robot doing PR by itself.”

Oh well. We had hoped to see Millenia lobbying for a spot on WIRED‘s 50 Best Robots Ever list like any good self promoter.

Netflix alert: Brooks was also one of the four people featured in Errol Morris‘s terrific 1997 documentary “Fast, Cheap & Out of Control.”


4 Responses to “When Robots a-Flack; ‘Millenia’ overcomes PR anxiety”

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