Dow Jones Launches Factiva Insight

October 11, 2007

To put it bluntly, monitoring can be a bitch. Especially when it involves a lot of blogs & blog comments, message boards and even things like – gasp – Twitter.

Dow Jones today announced the launch of Factiva Insight: Agency Analytics, a “Web- based tool that allows professional researchers in public relations agencies and corporate communications departments to conduct high-quality media measurement on demand across premium news sources, Web sites, blogs and message boards,” according to the press release.

We’ve used their “Search 2.o” tool with some success, and this new offering seems like an expanded version.  One of the best features of both of these tools is the variety of charts that are easy to output into e-mail or presentations.  Have you used either tool?  What are your best practices for monitoring?


One Response to “Dow Jones Launches Factiva Insight”

  1. Travis Van Says:

    I’ve never really understood the media measurement “pain.” I’ve participated in plenty of announcements that netted many hits … but the coverage tracking generally looks something like this (after the announcement):

    1- Check all of the media that you had briefings with (obviously) for the journalists’ stories (and you generally know exactly when they’re going to run)

    2- Check Google News frequently (in addition to the news alert you already have in place).

    3- Check Technorati & Bloglines for follow-on commentary from the blogging community.

    In general (for even the biggest announcements), the most substantial hits you want to track are those by the top tier journalists you briefed. Checking those three above will also catch the majority of the additional postings / comments / links from the blogging world.

    I’ve generally been ok to accept that a small % of hits might “fall through the cracks.”

    I’m not sure I understand that value of the many holistic measurement tools out there that end this supposed drudgery of tracking clips.

    At the same time … curious to check it out … thanks for the heads up.

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