Toyota Gets Bashed for Green PR Hypocrisy

October 11, 2007

(image cred)

We should care about the environment and “green” issues for the sake of our planet and each other, not just for short term marketing gain. We’ve talked about this before.

Well, Toyota is the latest company to get busted for talking out of both sides of their mouth when it comes to the green game. From BNet (via NY Times):

Assisting Detroit’s suicide seems to be contagious. Everyone wants to get in on it, including Toyota. Toyota, which pioneered the industry-leading, 50-miles-per-gallon Prius hybrid, has joined with the Big Three U.S. automakers in lobbying against the tougher mileage standards in the Senate version of the draft energy bill.

Now why would Toyota, which has used the Prius to brand itself as the greenest car company, pull such a stunt? Is it because Toyota wants to slow down innovation in Detroit on more energy efficient vehicles, which Toyota already dominates, while also keeping mileage room to build giant pickup trucks, like the Toyota Tundra, at the gas-guzzler end of the U.S. market?

Damn! We have to admit, we have some love for the Prius – but now we just feel like she’s cheating on us. Should we have known all along?


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