Ford Takes Social Media Release for a Spin

October 12, 2007

Since Tom Foremski’s call for the death of the traditional press release, there has been a lot of chatter about the ‘social media news release’ (SMNR). Foremski’s rational for writing the ‘Die Die’ post can be found in our interview with him.

The SMNR sounds complicated. It’s basically a modern way to answer the who, what, when, where, and why using photos, video, links, and an RSS feed.

What’s complicated is getting numerous departments at a company of this size–often with multiple agencies–to sign off on the text, let alone the web2.0 elements of an SMNR.

Ford’s release for the 2008 Focus is a good example of an SMNR that quickly tells a story while being easy on the eyes. It helps journalists do their job, and makes blogging a snap (ty Bargainista).

So what? Ford is the most financially troubled of the Big 3 and has the most to gain by getting control of their message. Getting information in to the marketplace early and in a way that’s interesting and palatable to the media and the blogosphere is a way to manage reputation. Their Autoshow blog is cool example of this.

An overview of how companies can benefit by open communication can can be found in Clive Thompson‘s naked WIRED cover story.

Planning on using an SMNR or elements of one? Let us know at prnewser at mediabistro dot com.


2 Responses to “Ford Takes Social Media Release for a Spin”

  1. […] Itching to build your own Social Media News Release (SMNR) the way the Canadian Social Media Group did for the Ford Focus? […]

  2. jtpratt Says:

    SMNR or SMPR is an oxymoron acronym. Read my review Ford uses WordPress and Social Media and see if you agree…

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