Al Gore Wins Nobel for Communications

October 13, 2007


An Emmy, an Oscar and now a Nobel Prize.

Gore spent years honing and editing his slide show-turned PowerPoint (actually Apple’s Keynote program) while touring the World, hand-selling his message in lecture halls. It took prodding from Larry and Laurie David to make it in to a movie, thus creating an incredibly effective delivery of an urgent message.

Fast forward to today. The U.S. President most teased and parodied for being boring wins a Nobel. For an awareness campaign. For PR.

Jason Kottke blogs “Suppose someone had told you two years ago that someone would win a Nobel Peace Prize for a Hollywood film of a Powerpoint presentation…you’d have laughed in their face and every other part of their body!”

Congratulations Mr. President. Other compelling Power Point presentations are available at Buzzfeed.


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