FBN vs. CNBC: Let the Games Begin!

October 15, 2007


The day has finally arrived – Fox Business Network has launched. Alexis Glick and Kevin McGee are presiding over the NASDAQ opening bell this morning, according to a press release. What, they couldn’t get NYSE?

TVNewser will continue to keep you posted with up to the minute details.

PRNewser emailed a friend at Fox News Channel media relations who said, “Insane is not the word to describe what it’s like here right now so I definitely can’t get you in touch with anyone right now. In a few weeks, once things have calmed down, I should have a better idea of how things are working over there.”

We feel your pain! Long days ahead for both FNC and FBN media relations, and pretty much all employees, for that matter. Do you have a scoop on happenings at either FBN or CNBC? Drop us a line: prnewser at mediabistro.com


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