Are Things Really That Bad In Denver?

October 16, 2007

Mile-high city, step up to the plate. From The Denver Egotist:

We admit our list of recommended PR firms and freelancers in the Denver-metro is looking pretty deflated. Alright, it’s flat dead. Got any suggestions for PR wizards we should let the rest of the city know about? Throw ‘em down below.

Here are some that we know about. Madison House (actually in nearby Boulder) is a large music agency representing artists such as Taj Mahal, Los Lobos and String Cheese Incident. Pushkin Public Relations counts YMCA of Metropolitan Denver and the Colorado BioScience Association as clients. Then there is JohnstonWells, who has something on their “Areas of Specialty” section called Cocktail Talk:

Cocktail Talk is a signature program of JohnstonWells that is designed to help members of an organization—whether they’re staff, board members or volunteers—be effective ambassadors for that organization.

We think most agencies call this media training or voice training. Or at least something better than Cocktail Talk. Are we being to harsh?


One Response to “Are Things Really That Bad In Denver?”

  1. srs6y Says:

    Yes, I think it’s being a bit harsh. Nothing wrong with putting a new name on an old practice — especially when it makes it easier for non-pr pros to understand. And Denver has dozen of great agencies and plenty of well-branded businesses based there (Frontier, Coors, Crocs) not to mention sports organizations and some of the nation’s top resorts nearby. Sure, its not NYC but it aint THAT shabby. I practice PR in NYC, but know several people who work out there and have personally considered the move.

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