More on Fox PR

October 16, 2007

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Hmm. Maybe this is why no could talk to us yesterday? Jossip reports:

Are things going downhill fast at Fox News Channel’s media relations department, just as they’re trying to generate positive buzz for today’s launch of Fox Business Channel?

Michael Murphy, a senior staffer at FNC’s D.C. bureau, just walked off the job — following director Leah Yoon and regular spokesman Darin Johnson. For what it’s worth, Michael emails us to say that he’s “leaving on great terms,” and, “I’m leaving to actually relocate home and be with my family at this time for personal reasons.” Mainstay publicist Dana Klinghoffer, however, remains — as some of your pitch-filled inboxes can attest to.

What else is going on over there? Alessandra Stanley calls the FBN debut, “perky.” What did you think?


One Response to “More on Fox PR”

  1. PRPimp Says:

    Don’t ask how I know this 😉 but FNC is hiring…
    Big push in the last month to fill several new and newly vacated positions…

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