The Torre Offer: Howard Rubenstein’s Idea?

October 19, 2007

So everyone’s buzzing about (former) Yankee manager Joe Torre rejecting a one year deal to return as the team’s coach. The deal, which not only is a big pay cut, also included the stipulation that Torre get the team to the World Series next year in order to keep his job. By presenting the deal in this manner, the Yanks management hopes they can defray some of the negative impressions of the situation to Torre who now can be said, “turned down the deal.” An interesting PR move for sure, but is it working?

Bob Raissman of the NY Daily News – who has a really nice ‘stache by the way, check out his head shotsays of Steinbrenner:

Judging by the way he is now characterized – “declining,” “fragile,” “totally out of it” – The Boss ain’t doing much bossing these days. That said, nobody can dispute that it was Steinbrenner’s ultimatum to Torre, issued through The Record‘s Ian O’Connor, that got this party started.

Which only proves that when Steinbrenner really speaks, and leaves his PR drone Howard Rubenstein sucking wind, old-school Yankee mayhem kicks in.

Ok, so we have no clue of what role PR legend Howard Rubenstein played in the decision. But we do know he was part of the final round of talks that took place and we can only imagine his counsel was especially considered – as it should be.  The only thing we’ve heard from directly from Rubenstein is this statement from before a decision had been made.  What’s your take?  Did Torre get screwed?

UPDATE: A reader sends in this news: Yankees management sent out an email blast to anyone who has purchased online tickets for game, featuring the headline, “Torre Rejects Yankees’ Offer,” and using lanuage such as, “in a shocking turn of events.”  (Thanks Rob!)


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