Karen Hughes Keynote at PRSA: “I have the world’s best client – America!”

October 22, 2007

photo courtesy of Josh Hallett

What better way to capture the real-time feeling of a room you can’t be in, than to grab the Twitters of your friends who can. We checked a few to see what they were writing about Karen Hughes, lunch keynoter at the 2007 PRSA conference in Philly this week. Apparently she

  • I have the world’s best client – America!
  • Public relations need to be in on making the cars, not just selling the lemons
  • The single most important thing we can do to improve perceptions is to bring them to US and let them decide for themselves
  • Providing compassion overseas makes a difference, expand and highlight life-saving work
  • Send programs to teach English, the current language of business, gives skill to improve their prospects
  • Does the Statue of Liberty still face out? The answer needs to be yes!

And some impressions:

  • Hughes is talking about what SecState is doing to communicate a friendly America. how about the substance. of U.S policy?
  • Communications like this was once called propaganda. Sorry.

3 Responses to “Karen Hughes Keynote at PRSA: “I have the world’s best client – America!””

  1. david Says:

    She got paid for this? A litany of trite cliches.

  2. […] the heels of Karen Hughes‘ keynote at PRSA, there are accusations abound that the Pentagon took $500,000 of independent newspaper […]

  3. […] the murders of 17 Iraqi civilians. If there’s more to this than Hughes having trouble “selling lemons,” the D-Ring blog is on to something and a comparable person at Defense is next. Posted […]

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