PR Scandal at Stars & Stripes

October 23, 2007

(image cred)

On the heels of Karen Hugheskeynote at PRSA, there are accusations abound that the Pentagon took $500,000 of independent newspaper Stars & Stripes’ budget and spent it on a controversial PR campaign instead. “This causes extreme concern among the editorial staff, and could cause readers to question our objectivity as an editorially independent newspaper — an unacceptable situation,” executive editor Robb Grindstaff and managing editor Doug Clawson said in an article on the paper’s website.

From O’ “S&S reported that its editorial staffers were not involved with the America Supports You [ASY] PR effort, and that the editors will conduct a review of all the paper’s stories written about the campaign.” Editor and Publisher: “[The paper] is being investigated by the Defense Department as part of a probe into a Pentagon program that provides publicity for non-profit groups supporting U.S. troops…”

The case probably won’t be closed on this one for a while, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all new developments.


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