Vocus Goes Mobile

October 23, 2007

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Vocus sent out a press release yesterday announcing a mobile version of their “on-demand software for public relations management.”

“With this release, users of Vocus can now manage their important journalist relationships and access the news shaping their company and industry at anytime and in any place,” said CMO Bill Wagner. It’s definitely a good thing for PR people to have access to important information where and when they need it, but do we have the patience to run this kind of software on a Blackberry or Treo? You tell us.

The company is announcing third quarter results at 4:30pm ET today.


One Response to “Vocus Goes Mobile”

  1. Kye Strance Says:

    Joe, its a great question and one that we kept in mind when developing the application for the mobile version (I am the Director of Product Management at Vocus). We created a version that uses the most used aspects of our software and simplified the interface. At the PRSA conference in Philadelphia, it was great, we had a customer come up to the booth and was able to get to information she needed right on her blackberry. She seemed to be able to get to the information with ease, but I certainly would like to hear from more than one customer as to the ease in which they can use it in the real world.

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