Crisis PR Pro to Rockies: Win World Series

October 24, 2007

(image cred)

One day after the Colorado Rockies online ticket system crashed, they fixed the glitch, and promptly sold out all three of their home games. However, a lot of Coloradans are angry, and rightfully so about the team not implementing a lottery system which may have prevented the meltdown. Said ESPN’s John Helyar, “The club cited an ‘external, malicious attack’ for Monday’s halt in sales. In reality, it was just aggressive ticket brokers doing business as usual.”

What do us flacks say? The Rocky Mountain News talked to several:

“Winning goes a long way to soothe a fan,” said Larry Smith, president of the Institute for Crisis Communications, a Lexington-Ky.-based consulting firm. “But it wouldn’t hurt to think about some sort of extra promotion early next season.”

“They really haven’t answered the very first question of why are they selling their tickets this way and then they can’t say why it didn’t work,” said Steven Silvers, principal at GBSM.

While team management should be up front with their fans and think of ways to make things up to them, we agree with Mr. Smith. Win and all is forgotten. PRNewser is rooting for the underdog Rockies.


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