FBN Launch Party: Walking the Line

October 25, 2007


Brian Lewis, Irena Briganti and the FBN media relations department ran the FBN launch party well last night, beginning with a very long red carpet, with seemingly all the photo agencies present. PRNewser arrived just as The Regis took his turn through the gauntlet.

For those not indoctrinated in to this ritual, it works like this: PR hustles to get solid RVSP from people like Rege, some Trumps, a Weinstein or two. Then you contact the agencies with the details (some still prefer alerts by fax). Then wham bam, good coverage the AP, Observer, Intelligencer etc.

If the reporters aren’t interested–which was not the case last night–the photos can still get picked up in those round-up party pages. You’ll see more photos on old school places like Gotham later on. The valuable shots will get sold to someone.

The purple & yellow “step & repeat” backdrop ensures your logo is at least visually connected to your hard work.

Confirmed photographers included:

  • Dave Allocca, New York Post
  • Bryan Bedder, Getty Images
  • Jimi Celeste, Patrick McMullan (photo right; pink shirt, sharkskin suit, shades)
  • Louis Lanzano, AP
  • Theo Wargo, Wire images
  • And photographers from Twin Images, NY Living, DMBJ Photos, Polaris, TimesSquare.com, Glob, Retna, Ipol Images

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