Peggy Siegal Chats With Barbara Walters

October 25, 2007

Peggy & Steven Rockefeller (image cred)

PRNewser received the transript of publicist to the stars Peggy Siegal’s interview on Barbara Walters’ Sirius Radio Show.  You may remember the New York magazine story from this summer about Peggy and Andrew Saffir battling it out to fill up their Hamptons events with the most A-listers.

Some choice excerpts after the jump.

On getting her start:

My first clients were Billie Jean King and Richard Gere…and Liza [Minnelli]. Liza hated me, Billie Jean loved me…I had a tough time with Richard because he was my first client—and I didn’t know what to do….I would call Jann Wenner up and…begged him to put Richard Gere’s picture on the cover of Rolling Stone because he was hot and young and I thought I was doing a great job. Ultimately I did a great job—but Richard and I fought like cats and dogs in the beginning. But now we’re friends.

Celebrity Crushes?

My favorite celebrity hands down is George Clooney…he is the most divine person I know…he is great, smart, kind, he’s reliable….what I noticed about George is that he is usually working on three films at all times and he has such an amazingly busy life that I don’t know how he even dates and if he does have a relationship with someone that person has to have no life—that person has to fit into his life.

Steve Rubel forgot to let her into Studio 54:

[Liza is in the limo]…I walk my way up…and I get to the rope [of Studio 54] [saying] “Liza’s in the car, Liza’s in the car” and there was Steve Rubell…who owned it…who I went to Syracuse with….he said go get her…I take her to the velvet rope—opens up—he grabs her, he kisses her, he gives her God knows what in her pocket, they go off into the sunset and they forget to open the rope for me….and that’s how Liza met Steve Rubell, that’s how all that trouble began with Studio 54 and that was probably the only good thing I did for her.


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