Daily Mail: Blair’s PR Man Bags a Princess

October 26, 2007


Somehow, this sort of got lost in the shuffle of the last few days, but you’re still interested, right?  The Daily Mail reports that millionaire PR pro, and former Burson exec Anthony Bailey is getting hitched to one of Tony Blair’s big fundraisers, Debonair Bailey, who also happens to be the 35-year-old descendant of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  No relation to the indie rock band. (sorry, we had to go there)

It’s gonna be a big one, too:

At least a dozen European princes and princesses will attend — not to mention the Saudi Arabian foreign minister, Prince Saud al-Faisal, plus two princes and one princess bearing the name Haile-Selassie of Ethiopia.

The British contingent includes former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, plus Labour luminaries Attorney General Baroness Scotland, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears and Labour peer Lord Alli.

The only worthy missing is former prime minister Blair, who is busy in his role as a Middle East peace envoy.

Poor Tony, so busy in the Middle East he can’t even see his buddy get hitched. We don’t feel too bad for him though, he did just get a $9 million advance for his memoir.


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