Gawker on PR: Lunch at Michael’s

October 26, 2007


Today’s lesson in our ongoing series with Choire Sicha on Conquering All Media has a bit less to do with tweaking the blogodome. While many enjoy my boss’s seating chart blog series on VIP media watching at Michael’s, we explore why Sicha prefers bratwurst on 9th Aveune for offline deals.

His answer peels back the layers further, revealing the depth of his love for our profession. Stay tuned for reactions from PR luminaries on the McCarty game (now available in the home edition):

PRNewser: Tips for Michael’s; where should PR people sit? Should we create new mystique, sit at the bar and glare at the bold face names? What should we wear?

Choire Sicha: Michael’s is beneath a good publicist. Have I lived in this ridiculous city for 15 years so that I can be faced with thirty dollars of awful salad and Ed Klein’s face?

By now we all know that people only go there if they have a reason to be seen going there with someone, which probably only means that they’re NOT actually doing business with their lunch partner but just want people to think they are. It’s so tragic.

You know where I go when I’m actually doing business with someone? A bratwurst stand on Ninth Avenue, where *no one will ever see me.* There are only two good things about Michael’s: you may get to see the delightful David Patrick Columbia and you know that it’s the one place in New York you won’t see Michael Wolff.


One Response to “Gawker on PR: Lunch at Michael’s”

  1. […] a few opinions from PR execs on the value of Michael’s in response to our Gawker series post this morning. Richard Laermer CEO of RLM PR, author of Full Frontal PR, Punk Marketing, and Bad […]

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