Google and Facebook Duel It Out for PR Hype

October 30, 2007

Arguably the two most mentioned names in the tech-o-sphere (yes, we just made that word up) are Google and Facebook. Both also have big announcements pending, around major advertising initiatives. Both are also jockeying to make sure neither steals another’s thunder. Hey, we both need our day in the sun, the two tech giants insist. CNET’s Caroline McCarthy muses:

Here’s a thought: perhaps Google was concerned that its “open platform” announcement would be superseded the next day by a glitzy Facebook event that was aiming squarely at Google’s own AdSense. Google saw Facebook (and Microsoft) steal its thunder last week when Redmond’s $240 million minority stake in the social network was announced in the final hours of Google Analyst Day–and an ultimately disappointing Analyst Day at that, as the widely rumored “GPhone” failed to materialize.

Will Google’s social media plans win out over Facebook’s social advertising? We should know a lot more by this time next week, as AdTech NY concludes.  Be patient, faithful readers. And until then, send your tips to prnewser at


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