Sarkozy: Press Secretary is an “Imbicile”

October 30, 2007

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French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s US visit has already gotten off to a rough start. He walked out of a “60 Minutes” interview taped a few weeks ago, and scheduled to air this Sunday to coincide with his visit, after being asked several questions about his wife. HuffPost (via AP) reports:

Before the CBS news show interview in Paris even began, Sarkozy called his press secretary “an imbecile” for arranging the session on a busy day. “I don’t have the time. I have a big job to do, I have a schedule,” Sarkozy said through a translator before the interview began. In English, he added: “Very busy. Very busy.”

Meanwhile, the White House issued the following statement welcoming Sarkozy’s visit Nov. 6-7 and listing an ambitious agenda including:

…strengthening security and democracy in Afghanistan, preventing Iran from obtaining the means to build nuclear weapons, bringing peace to the Middle East and working closely to support Lebanon’s right to hold presidential elections free of external interference, ending the genocide in Darfur, fostering democratic change in Burma, forging a peaceful resolution in Kosovo, and further enhancing cooperation on counterterrorism and security and the promotion of democracy and freedom.

No word on if said press secretary still has a job.

UPDATE: TVNewser spoke with Lesley Stahl.


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