Why Did ARod Hijack the World Series?

November 1, 2007

(image cred)

PRNewser has been closely watching the fallout from Alex Rodriguez and his agent Scott Boras‘ decision to announce during Game 4 of the World Series that ARod would opt out of his Yankees contract. It seems universally agreed that people are upset, to say the least, that baseball’s biggest event would be hijacked for the personal gain of one player. Says the San Franscisco Chronicle‘s Bruce Jenkins:

In placing themselves above the game, and on a day that should have belonged strictly to the Red Sox, Rodriguez and Boras had everyone wondering why the hell any team would spend $30 million a year on a phony, a prima donna and a man likely to place his own instincts behind Boras’ desire to find the most money. (Great comment from an incensed Peter Gammons on ESPN: “He’s never played in a World Series. Maybe there’s a reason.”)

You tell ’em, Bruce! Ok, so the plan in some sense did work. Boras and ARod got the attention they wanted. But to Bruce’s point, they should not be rewarded for this bad PR, and we don’t think they will. Do you?


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