Sweet, Sticky Messages: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Drew Carey, Fred Thompson

November 5, 2007


Last week was a big one for marijuana publicity with a direct bump by Drew Carey, a sly one from the Governator, and who-knows-what from the Fred Thompson campaign.

Sometimes a quote is just a quote, and a cigar is just a cigar (blunt?). And sometimes politicians speak in code to one constituency, and speak through a spokesperson to deny it to another. This was the case with Arnold Schwarzenegger last week when he told British GQ,“That is not a drug, it’s a leaf,” then saying it was just a joke through press secretary Aaron Mclear.

Meanwhile, Drew Carey actually used his Power of 10 gigs to flog his pro-weed message. The media took notice of his Libertarian “Drew Carey Project” web series about medical marijuana two days ago. The story is likely to get far bigger than the 13 stories currently listed on Google News.

The third pot story is blazing its way through the media cycle as I write this. Philip J. Martin, one of Fred Thompson’s closest advisers resigned this morning from the campaign. The media recently discovered that Martin was a marijuana and cocaine trafficker in the 70s and 80s. Thompson is claiming ignorance.

We’ll leave it to the paranoid to connect these three stories.


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