Burson CEO Mark Penn to Speak at Critical Issues Forum

November 6, 2007

PRNewser will be covering the 2007 Critical Issues Forum hosted by the Council on PR Firms this Thursday. This high-end affair ($475 for members) will be MC’d again this year by the entertaining Jeffrey Rayport. The 2006 Forum was dominated by a keynote from Wall Street Journal publisher L. Gordon Crovitz, talking about the details of the new Journal, or “Journal 3.0”.

The program entitled “The Consumer’s in Control: Now What?” will feature talks by Pete Blackshaw from Nielsen Online Strategic Services, Andrew Heyward, Consultant, Marketspace and former president of CBS News, Jon Iwata, SVP of Communications at IBM, and Mark Penn, CEO, Burson-Marsteller and Chief Strategist for Hillary Clinton.

We expect all eyes this year to be on Penn, who has taken some heat recently for his firm’s association with Blackwater.

We checked in with the Council’s VP Matt Shaw. He expects the discussion to be “electric”and hopes the roughly 150 agency people have “several ‘A-ha’ moments that they will be able to channel back into their respective businesses.”


5 Responses to “Burson CEO Mark Penn to Speak at Critical Issues Forum”

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  5. Ralibrigrax Says:

    Back when this film was made in the mid Thirties there seem to be an abundance of films about madcap heiresses. In the middle of the Great Depression films about the rich partying away seemed to find an audience.

    Back then the real life model was Peggy Hopkins Joyce, today it’s Paris Hilton. We just love to read about the rich doing their reveling.

    So the premise is a bit ludicrous about Loretta Young getting very angry at the newspaper reporters for reporting on her every move. Believe me if she didn’t want publicity she wouldn’t get any. Believe it or not, then as now, there are rich people out there who are not tabloid fodder.

    But I guess anyone can get a little cranky and Loretta has come her time of crankiness in Love Is News. When an especially enterprising reporter gets on board her private plane, she’s had it. While reporter Tyrone Power thinks he’s scooped his colleagues, Young has an impromptu press conference with the others and announces she’s engaged to Tyrone Power.

    And then Power as he was in real life becomes the object of a lot of tabloid fodder. His editor is Don Ameche who keeps firing and hiring him back to straighten the mess out. If this were done at Warner Brothers, Love Is News would have been perfect for James Cagney and Pat O’Brien.

    Twelve years later Power did a remake of this same film with Gene Tierney. Hard to choose between the two which is better.

    Ty is at the beginning of his career and Darryl Zanuck was casting him in all kinds of parts, comedic, adventurous, dramatic. And Power himself was perfecting his screen image.

    Best scenes in the film involve small town judge Slim Summerville who Young comes up before for speeding and that sets up a whole bunch of funny situations.

    I can see this being remade today, unless Paris Hilton herself wants to star in it.

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