BlabberMouth PR Rebrands to Spite Itself

November 7, 2007


(This photo is not of BlabberMouth PR’s Patti Hill)

The “seriously fun” BlabberMouth PR agency launched CameronWeeks PR to address the needs of its more staid clients in IT, biotech, and economic development, according to a press release.

BlabberMouth polled an astonishing 10,000 executives on the question of its quirky name, and received a more astonishing 50% response. The results showed people in fields such as fashion, retail, gaming and advertising preferred the BlabberMouth name, while executives in other fields prefered something more classic. According to the poll:

  • 55% of executives enjoyed the name
  • 30% would work with BlabberMouth “in spite of its name”
  • 15% “would avoid working with a professional services firm called BlabberMouth”

When we asked the top BlabberMouth, CEO Patti Hill how she got such a large response, she told us “The survey only had one question. I had many, many people email me personally saying they couldn’t walk away from the survey out curiosity what that *one* question might be.”

BlabberMouth used ConstantContact to conduct the survey, and amassed the database through six years of conferences, summits, and board positions.

A sampling of the emails Hill received are after the jump:

**Personally, if I have a choice between a formally- and a
creatively-named company, I would choose a formal name. I don’t have a
negative feeling about something like blabbermouth, although someone
with big corp mentality might not like it. The name is suitable for IT
which has a very youthful and diverse culture.

**Regarding the name, I’ve met and listened to some of the BlabberMouth
folks over the years, and liked them, even though I never really cared
for the company name. I thought it was a bit arrogant, or catty, or
maybe just obnoxious. That indicates it’s a bit hard to capture exactly
how to describe it, but the name made me uncomfortable with your company
in some way.

**”Blabbermouth” is outrageous, humorous and perfect.

**Your name gets attention AND presorts clients. You CAN “grow out of” a
childhood nickname, but NEVER forget it and let only your best friends
use it.

**50/50 split in our office. Some thought it was juvenile and hard to
take serious. The other half found it clever.

**Good question! No one forgets your name. No, it is not professional,
not trendy, not futuristic – but is certainly is not forgotten. Keep it

**Love you guys, but I just could not get my mind around a firm with
that name on my press releases and introducing me to the Wall Street


One Response to “BlabberMouth PR Rebrands to Spite Itself”

  1. I think 45% of executives need to lighten up.

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