Live from Critical Issues Forum; Andrew Heyward

November 8, 2007

I’m in a full room of top PR executives for the 2007 Critical Issues Forum disusing “The consumer is in control, now what?”  You can see my Twitters here.
Former CBS News president Andrew Heyward is speaking on behalf of the broadcast perspective:

  • Let’s get beyond talking content “anywhere, anytime”
  • Anyone can become a journalist
  • The remote control was important innovation
  • Network news risks in losing touch with the viewer
  • His children learn more about their interests online
  • One-size-fits MSM no longer works “Bears 3, Goldilocks 0”
  • No accident Colbert and Stewart are stars.  The get to the heart of the matter that corporate communicators do not
  • Train executives to be more genuine.  One way messaging no longer moves the needle in the way it did years ago
  • Help journalists do their jobs better
  • Flacks v Hacks is hopelessly out of date.  The Chris Anderson stories will go away
  • Final thought:  New forms of communications exist alongside old ones.

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