Live from Critical Issues Forum; Jon Iwata, IBM

November 8, 2007

The second speaker at the Critical Issues Forum is Jon Iwata, SVP of Communications at IBM:

  • Arthur Page report on the changing role of Corp Comm officer will com out one of these days, look for it
  • Web2.0 is: putting tools of information production in the hands of humanity
  • Adjust and take advantage of these dynamic changes
  • In my job, you think about who is in the best position to think this through
  • Technology and globalization are driving this. Our conclusion is what’s changing her in the “flat world” are the structure of the organization itself
  • If you include everyone partnered with IBM in doing business, …resellers and people who connect with IBM in some way on LinkedIn, Orkut, Facebook etc., you have a massive number. Corporations aren’t prepared to handle this much empowerment of stakeholders.
  • We have to broaden channels of communication available to us. Create our own median, our own channels. Beyond broadening these channels, ADD networks of relationships. Think about the 100,000 people on LinkedIn affiliated with IBM. We need to market to them yes, more importantly we need to establish a dialogue with them. This requires a level of humility.
  • We need to add to our skill, not just positioning, become experts at “definition”. This means its never been more important to be really sure about the company you want to be
  • Interaction isn’t just web, it’s a change of mindset

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