For Immediate Release Fridays

November 10, 2007

The bad news this Friday night is mainly busts, from our scan of the wires. The big toy recall already hit earlier this week when it was reported that Aqua Dots contain GHB, the date rape drug. Burson Marsteller is handling the crisis for the ironically named distributor Spin Master Toys. If you haven’t seen this toy, it’s an irresistibly geeky little machine that fuses tiny, colorful, and very candy-like balls into different designs.

Here are the others for this Friday:

  • Rudy’s PR problem: Bernie Kerik charged by U.S. in Conspiracy, Tax, and False Statements Case
  • Four members of the Berenguer family in Miami, all owners of healthcare companies, busted on Medicare fraud
  • Merck settles Vioxx case for $4.85 billion
  • Unlicensed kennel in Washington County PA charged for abuse

Bid on Wilson, the life-size kinetic penguin auctioned to benefit Antarctic research:



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