For Immediate Release Fridays

November 17, 2007

Our weekly scan of the late day Friday press releases was again toy-recall-free this week. In fact, Mattel announced a 15% increase in their annual dividend. Other releases of note:

  • Raw milk from Chester County P.A. may be contaminated
  • Due to the writers’ strike, production on Oliver Stone’s “Pinkville” has been postponed
  • A new rotary hammer features integrated dust reduction technology to contain harmful airborne dust particles emitted when drilling holes in masonry. This isn’t bad news though it takes the cake for the most vertical release of the day
  • Also good news to many, there’s finally an investment company and private equity fund for the adult entertainment biz. AdultVest was featured on both Squawk on the Street and Closing Bell today. We know it’s big business. The LA Times has 2-3 people at least partially assigned to the adult beat

Not afraid of that raw milk mentioned above? Then you may want to try raw eggs…in your cocktails. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, eggs are “not just for nog” this season. A couple of these sound pretty good actually.



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