Aussies Watch Out: New ABC Show to Target Bad PR

November 27, 2007

Australia’s The Age reports:

BAD public relations as well as bad journalism will be targeted by ABC television’s Media Watch next year, according to the program’s new host.

Jonathan Holmes, a veteran reporter with ABC TV’s Four Corners, said he hoped to “expose the more egregious antics of the industry that all too often tries to sway, or mislead, or simply stonewall journalists who are trying to do an honest job”.

He said the public relations industry permeated government and business at every level and exerted undue “influence these days on what we read and hear and watch”.

If it’s successful in Australia, will this program make it to the US? If so, who do you think would be featured?


One Response to “Aussies Watch Out: New ABC Show to Target Bad PR”

  1. It’s an interesting idea and a good one if it flushes out flaky pr professionals who actually get in the way of news coverage. I do hope, though, that it won’t make all pr professionals out to look like fools or tricksters. We aren’t.
    Would it make it to the U.S.? Don’t know. It does remind me, though, of the type of report “60 Minutes” does. Shows like that are priceless.
    Who would be featured? That’s a telling question.
    I, too, wonder who would be spotlighted/exposed.
    Let’s see what happens.

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